Project Description

SMART on FHIR stand-alone VICA (Amazon Echo) integration

Another of KRM’s proof of concept projects is to validate the idea that data from Cerner’s Millennium electronic health record – the system being implemented by the Department of Defense and being negotiated for VA use – could be integrated with data from non-Cerner sources and ‘consumed’ by other applications.

KRM’s engineers created an App built in accordance with standards on which pulls demographics and vitals from the sandbox. The screen capture below shows data from one of the Cerner test patients side-by-side with data input by the same patient from KRM’s VICA using the Amazon Echo custom survey skill. A care giver, whether a clinician or someone in the home with access to the patient’s records, can see – in real time – if there are any changes in the patient’s status that warrant intervention. The ‘outside’ data displayed on the right could also be pulled from a different provider’s EHR in the case of an out-of-network emergency or consult, ensuring that the patient’s primary care team stays informed on the results of such events.

SMART on FHIR Screen Capture

Data is collected using the same backend services as those integrated into HealtheMe®. Data can be consumed by another application by way of a FHIR API. Full integration with Cerner Millennium, allowing write-back into the individual’s record is a possible next step and another SMART on FHIR app in the app gallery.