KRM has long been in demand as an organization that can devise custom software solutions that are both functional and easy to use. We apply industry best practices to design and develop projects that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

KRM is a TEAM of highly skilled, highly motivated engineers with a very diverse technology skill set. We are one of the few companies that have Developers and Architects which have a combination of the VA’s VistA EHR expertise and modern software development and deployment tools.

Our Light Enterprise Application Framework (LEAF) and HealtheMe Care Management System are a prime examples of our ability to create functional solutions that exceed expectations. Stemming from a pilot project to explore the use of personal health records systems in improving population health, HealtheMe was released as open source and continues to evolve and improve even as it’s underlying model, the VA’s My HealtheVet, is being redesigned to emulate HealtheMe’s architecture. Our developers also made crucial contributions to the VA’s Blue Button code.

Along with HealtheMe development, several custom applications to extract and parse health data from VistA and RPMS instances were developed to demonstrate interoperability and the ability to create a comprehensive record of an individual’s medical and health history.

In 2005-2007, we were tasked with improving the DoD’s ((Department of Defense) OCTAVE Automated Tool, used to assess and plan mitigation for security vulnerabilities of all types within a network or an organization. The result, the ENTerprise Information Security Assessment System (ENTISAS©), was created in collaboration with OCTAVESM (Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability EvaluationSM) experts. During the development and testing process, the DoD’s TMA (TriCare Management Activity) requested that the extensive OCTAVESM processes be condensed and streamlined to accommodate the needs of smaller organizations. This resulted in Tailored ENTISAS©, an alternative version which can be selected at the beginning of any assessment using the tool. The tailored version drastically reduces the time and personnel commitments without omitting any critical vulnerability assessments and was enthusiastically endorsed by the client. Additionally, TMA required that the application be subject to hardening and DITSCAP (DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process) certification, which it passed.

KRM is a “technology Swiss Army Knife” with a strong, innovative culture and spirit.

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