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KRM Associates, Inc. is excited to announce that it has been awarded two contracts aimed at enhancing the My HealtheVet patient portal for the Veteran’s Administration as a sub-contractor to By Light Professional IT Services, Inc.

The first, My HealtheVet (MHV) Web Redesign, will allow for the use of new, open source frameworks and tools to re-architect the current MHV technology platform, which is entering its second decade of service.  KRM will participate in the creation of candidate architectures and prototypes for future iterations of MHV in order to increase its efficiency, capacity and performance through the use of “cloud ready” and open source technologies.

The second, MHV Core Development, leverages By Light’s deep technical expertise with the current MHV environment and KRM’s strong background in modern, lightweight, and flexible technologies to support and extend the functionality of the current MHV system.  KRM will be working on solutions that will reduce the development and maintenance costs of MHV while also providing new and enhanced feature capabilities and infrastructure for America’s Veterans.

Because of the increase in the number of younger, tech-savvy Veterans who have come to expect complete, instant access at any time, from any device, creating a more scalable, reliable, and robust patient portal is at the top of the VA’s priorities. By Light’s status as the incumbent contractor on MHV development combined with KRM’s open source capabilities, showcased by their HealtheMe open source health and wellness management system, resulted in a winning approach to quickly assess needs, identify options, and then narrow down to the solutions that will provide the VA with the biggest return on investment.