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We have been applying industry best practices and creative vision to strategic management, technology and project management, security, risk analysis, technical system design and development, certification and accreditation support, and technology development for more than 20 years. KRM has worked on healthcare initiatives for organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, and Shepherd University. Additionally, KRM provides networking and HIPAA security assessments as well as information technology consulting.

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KRM Associates, Inc. is excited to announce that it has been awarded two contracts aimed at enhancing the My HealtheVet patient portal for the Veteran’s Administration as a sub-contractor to By Light Professional IT Services, Inc.

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HealtheMe is an open-source, customizable health and wellness management system. While it may be integrated with an Electronic Health Record, and supports the contribution of personal health information, its main application is as a care coordination tool. As a standards-based solution, it can be adapted easily into any number of use cases and expanded to support specific care plans and scenarios. For instance, it has been implemented as a children’s health care coordination tool, allowing providers operating in non-traditional care settings, such as the home, to effectively replace paper-based documentation sharing. By enabling crucial non-medical information to align with data from electronic health records, a solution is created which may best serve its target purpose.
ENTISAS logoProviding security, software, and consulting solutions for healthcare, federal, state, and private organizations, including the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, and  HIPAA covered entities. KRM Associates Inc. has extensive experience serving both the public and private sector in a broad variety of Network Security and Engineering capacities.  With experience in planning, implementing, and supporting secure networking solutions, as well as experience developing custom solutions to meet specific needs, KRM has the expertise to fulfill a wide variety of security related requirements.
Custom solutions funnelOur talented staff can help you to define, design, develop, and deploy custom software functionality for your data capturing, transforming, storing and protection needs. KRM has long been in demand as an organization that can devise custom software solutions that are both functional and easy to use. We apply industry best practices to design and develop projects that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. Our HealtheMe Health & Wellness Management System is a prime example of our ability to create functional solutions that exceed expectations.
VistA-RPMSWe are experts in Government Health Information Technology and are working with the open source community to make these healthcare systems more interoperable and accessible to patients. KRM Associates Inc. is a skilled group of professionals including experts in several different Government Health Information Technology solutions.  We are working with the open source community to make these healthcare systems more interoperable and accessible to other institutions and patients. For over 17 years, KRM Associates Inc. has been working with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on a number of contracts and projects and our staff also has a vast amount of experience with large implementations of the Indian Health Service’s RPMS system, as well as creating new modules and functionality for the application.
Open-Source-Software-Helping to build the Open Source community, providing a forum where individuals and organizations can learn about, acquire, deploy, operate, maintain, and update Open Source Health Information software solutions. KRM has been an integral part of OSEHRA since its inception, providing technical expertise in the management and maintenance of VistA, as well as knowledge and experience in the areas of Meaningful Use, Patient-Centered Care, Healthcare IT application certification, and evaluation and testing of open source software submissions. We were among the first non-VA contributors of a fully functioning open source application when we released HealtheMe in 2012.