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KRM has long been a proponent of developing software in an open, transparent, cooperative way, recognizing that that synergy of a diverse community working collaboratively has a better chance of producing useful tools and applications. Our team of experienced developers strives to ensure that all solutions are of the highest quality. Our software development processes, combining industry best practices, partnerships with leading open source technology providers, and close collaboration with clients and Subject Matter Experts in our areas of expertise in an Agile environment, result in on-time, on-budget delivery of open source applications that exceed expectations.

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Our two areas of strength, Healthcare IT and networking security, complement and enhance the utility and safety of our completed solutions. We have been intimately associated with the development of the Blue Button code for the VA, and are actively working on projects to integrate Direct communication into Healthcare Information Technology applications.  These, combined efforts with our longSMART logo use of Mirth solutions, promise solid advances in the realms of interoperability and portability of healthcare data.

We also strive to implement SMART’s open-source, developer-friendly application programming interface and its extensible medical data representation and standards-based clinical vocabularies. The API allows healthcare clients to customize their application, which can then be licensed to run across the installed base.

Your project will benefit from our professional approach to:

Design and functionality: we always take the time to understand your needs and goals to ensure that our solution meets or exceeds them.

Development: an Agile approach, setting incremental goals and verifying that each has been achieved in an open, collaborative process guarantees client satisfaction at every step.

Testing and security: In addition to automated testing to ensure that the code meets design standards, we do extensive functional and security testing to ensure that the final product is safe, secure, and works for users in the real world.

Delivery and deployment: careful planning, close collaboration, detailed documentation, and thorough training.

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OSEHRA (Open Source Electronic Heath Record Agent)


KRM has been an integral part of OSEHRA since its inception, providing technical expertise in the management and maintenance of VistA, as well as knowledge and experience in the areas of Meaningful Use, Patient-Centered Care, Healthcare IT application certification, and evaluation and testing of open source software submissions. We were among the first non-VA contributors of a fully functioning open source application when we released HealtheMe in 2012.