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KRM Associates Inc has worked with a number of organizations across the federal, state, and private sectors.  For an overview of our projects within each of our areas of focus, please use the links below.


VistA Related Solutions

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For over 17 years, KRM Associates Inc. has been working with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on a number of contracts and projects and our staff also has a vast amount of experience with large implementations of the Indian Health Service’s RPMS system, as well as creating new modules and functionality for the application.


Comparitive Effectiveness Research – RPMS – C32


In conjunction with an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) project, KRM created a sophisticated C32 parser for the Indian Health Service’s Resource Patient and Management System (RPMS), which retrieved and parsed C32 records


Shepherd University Student Health Center EHR

KRM configured and installed the EHR solution along with modifications required to interface an Open Source product called Clearhealth to be utilized for patient registration. This process involved modifying the basic EHR application and developing an HL7 interface to feed data into the EHR from the Patient Registration GUI.


VA Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC)


KRM provided 24/7 support for the Security Operations Center for VA. KRM provided support to monitor computer and network traffic, and analyzed network traffic activity and systems logs to determine causes of problems and security breaches


VA Health Information Security Division (HISD) Support

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An overall goal to establish and operate a world-class HISD that would develop, implement, and evaluate security solutions addressing health data and health information systems, including security standards, access control, and access to health data by external groups.


Open-source Health & Wellness Management System

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Our Health & Wellness Management System solution can ingest information from any CCHIT compliant EMR, and has been proven to interact with an HIE using NHIN CONNECT technology. Open-source means this software can be adapted to meet many user needs.


Clinical Data Warehouse

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While Meaningful Use is a fairly new requirement, the past use of an EHR for quality improvement as well as the work surrounding the reporting of clinical quality measures demonstrates that KRM Associates has the personnel necessary to extract, transform and synthesize clinical data from electronic medical record systems for use in the health improvement process.


Department of Veterans Affairs NEBOSS Support

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From 2005 through 2011, KRM provided customer support, network engineering and security engineering for a secure data network for the Department of Veteran Affairs with over 300,000 network customers, functioning through the Network Engineering, Business and Operations Support Services (NEBOSS).


Case Management


KRM Associates Inc. (KRM) is part of a multi-state collaborative funded through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), to modify and pilot web-based Health & Wellness Management System technology originally developed under a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) transformation grant as a pediatric specific case management tool.